Why Choose Us?

What makes us different?

In a nutshell, we like to say that it is The Three E’s…

Eco Friendly – We are acutely aware of the environmental impact that are industry can have on the environment. With that in mind, we are committed to being an Eco Friendly Commercial Cleaning company, with sustainability at our core. We use Eco Friendly products and reusable equipment such as cloths and mop heads to cut down on waste.

Ethos – Our customers are at the heart of all that we do. We care and we listen to the requirements and needs of every customer and apply this in our bespoke commercial cleaning regimes. We appreciate that every property is different and we look after them as if they were our own.

Experienced Allocated Cleaners –All of our team are trained in house, whether this be the cleaning, customer service or health and safety. This means that each team member is trained to the same high standard, which in turn ensures the continuity of our services. Once a team member has been trained, they are then allocated to a specific client. This means that we not only become efficient in our work, (saving our customers time and money), but we also build trust and great relationships with our clients. This is something that we pride ourselves on.

In summary, we are an Eco Friendly Commercial Cleaning with our customers at the heart of everything that we do.

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