Ways to keep on top of the hidden germ hotspots in your office

High-touch areas

Our hands can be a major carrier of bacteria, which can easily spread illness. As well as ensuring good hand hygiene, it is important to keep areas in the workplace that are touched frequently, clean and sanitised. Such touch points include, telephones, door handles, printers, scanners & photocopiers, keyboards, stair rails and light switches.

The office sponge

Sponges can be a hot spot for germs and bacteria. It is important that communal sponges in a workspace are changed regularly and cleaned after use.


Office chairs are sometimes overlooked in terms of cleaning, but as they are touchpoints, it is good practice to ensure that the arms and backs of chairs are sanitised regularly to avoid a build up of bacteria.

Kitchen appliances

Although the surfaces in commercial workspaces are often cleaned effectively, the appliances such as kettles, toasters, microwaves and fridges do sometimes not receive the same treatment. As these items are handled so frequently in offices, it is imperative that particular attention is paid to the cleaning and sanitisation of them.

The Lift

The office lift can see a great amount of footfall and thus, the buttons in the lift are touched regularly by your co workers. In light of this, the lift buttons are an area in the office that should be wiped down frequently to stop the spread of germs in the workplace.

As well as regular cleaning in the office, good hand hygiene is imperative, particularly during the Covid 19 pandemic. The NHS website provides a clear and informative guide to good hygiene.

If you have any questions around the sanitisation of touchpoints in your office and keeping your work place clean, please do contact us, we would be pleased to have a conversation with you regarding your requirements.