How will my cleaning work? FAQs:


1. Will we have the same cleaner each time?

Yes, here at Chucks Away, each of our clients has an allocated team member, who will carry out their cleans each time. This helps to build not only continuity and efficiency in our work, but it also means that we build strong working relationships with our customers.

2.Will our cleaner’s holidays be covered?

Yes, when a team member has their holiday, another team member will be allocated to cover that period, so that cleans continue as planned.

3.Do I need to supply my own products?

No, all of the products and equipment required to perform the cleaning service are supplied by Chucks Away. We use professional, Eco Friendly products, which have the benefit of being kinder to the environment and also less hazardous in an office / workspace or a premises used by the public.

4.How often can our cleans take place?

We offer a fully bespoke commercial cleaning service and the regularity of the cleans are guided by our client’s requirements. For example, our cleaning frequencies can range from daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

5. Does the cleaning regime have to be the same each time?

No, we would be more than happy to vary our cleaning regime each time, to suit our client’s needs. As our cleaning service is completely bespoke, we can change the regime each time, if this is what the client prefers. For example, in larger offices and work spaces, particularly where we clean them daily, it is sometimes necessary for us to devise a rota, to ensure that all areas are well maintained across the week.

If you would like to have a chat with us regarding your commercial cleaning requirements, please do contact us, we would be pleased to help.