Why Outsource Your Commercial Cleaning?


  1. Save time

When your commercial cleaning is outsourced to a professional cleaning company, the management of the cleaning is looked after for you, thus saving you the time that can be better utilised for what you do best within your business.

At Chucks Away, we can also supply you with the consumables that you need in your office and keep these topped up for you, again, saving you the time in ordering and monitoring them.

  1. Save Money

Outsourcing your workplace cleaning can save you money in many ways. For example, you will not have to directly employ a cleaning team and pay the employment costs associated with this. In addition, professional cleaning companies use professional products and are experienced in their trade, meaning that they are more time effective, which in turn can save you money.

  1. Professional Products and expertise

Another benefit of using a cleaning company, such as Chucks Away, is that we use professional cleaning products, that are not always available ‘over the counter’. This ensures that the best and most appropriate products are used for the clean. Such products also makes us more efficient in our role. For example, we are currently using medical grade anti viral sprays on surfaces and touch points to provide our clients with an added layer of protection in their offices and workspaces.

Using a commercial cleaning company means that you can benefit from our training and expertise. At Chucks Away we are always on hand to answer any questions our clients have in relation to their cleaning needs and to find the best solution for their requirements.

  1. Insured

When using a professional commercial cleaning company, you have the piece of mind that they will be insured to care for your office or workspace.

  1. Continuity

Here at Chucks Away, we allocate an experienced cleaner to each of our clients. This helps us to establish strong working relationships and build continuity and efficiency in our work. The benefit of hiring a company is that we have a team of trained cleaners, who cover any holidays that your team member has, so that there is no break in the continuity of the service.

If you would like to find out more about how Chucks Away can help you with your commercial cleaning, please do contact us for a no obligation chat.

Ways to keep on top of the hidden germ hotspots in your office

High-touch areas

Our hands can be a major carrier of bacteria, which can easily spread illness. As well as ensuring good hand hygiene, it is important to keep areas in the workplace that are touched frequently, clean and sanitised. Such touch points include, telephones, door handles, printers, scanners & photocopiers, keyboards, stair rails and light switches.

The office sponge

Sponges can be a hot spot for germs and bacteria. It is important that communal sponges in a workspace are changed regularly and cleaned after use.


Office chairs are sometimes overlooked in terms of cleaning, but as they are touchpoints, it is good practice to ensure that the arms and backs of chairs are sanitised regularly to avoid a build up of bacteria.

Kitchen appliances

Although the surfaces in commercial workspaces are often cleaned effectively, the appliances such as kettles, toasters, microwaves and fridges do sometimes not receive the same treatment. As these items are handled so frequently in offices, it is imperative that particular attention is paid to the cleaning and sanitisation of them.

The Lift

The office lift can see a great amount of footfall and thus, the buttons in the lift are touched regularly by your co workers. In light of this, the lift buttons are an area in the office that should be wiped down frequently to stop the spread of germs in the workplace.

As well as regular cleaning in the office, good hand hygiene is imperative, particularly during the Covid 19 pandemic. The NHS website provides a clear and informative guide to good hygiene.

If you have any questions around the sanitisation of touchpoints in your office and keeping your work place clean, please do contact us, we would be pleased to have a conversation with you regarding your requirements.

How will my cleaning work? FAQs:


1. Will we have the same cleaner each time?

Yes, here at Chucks Away, each of our clients has an allocated team member, who will carry out their cleans each time. This helps to build not only continuity and efficiency in our work, but it also means that we build strong working relationships with our customers.

2.Will our cleaner’s holidays be covered?

Yes, when a team member has their holiday, another team member will be allocated to cover that period, so that cleans continue as planned.

3.Do I need to supply my own products?

No, all of the products and equipment required to perform the cleaning service are supplied by Chucks Away. We use professional, Eco Friendly products, which have the benefit of being kinder to the environment and also less hazardous in an office / workspace or a premises used by the public.

4.How often can our cleans take place?

We offer a fully bespoke commercial cleaning service and the regularity of the cleans are guided by our client’s requirements. For example, our cleaning frequencies can range from daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

5. Does the cleaning regime have to be the same each time?

No, we would be more than happy to vary our cleaning regime each time, to suit our client’s needs. As our cleaning service is completely bespoke, we can change the regime each time, if this is what the client prefers. For example, in larger offices and work spaces, particularly where we clean them daily, it is sometimes necessary for us to devise a rota, to ensure that all areas are well maintained across the week.

If you would like to have a chat with us regarding your commercial cleaning requirements, please do contact us, we would be pleased to help. 

Why is it important to keep your office clean?

1. To Create the right impression

Your office is a visual of your business. It is true to say that first impressions count and it is imperative that your workplace gives the right impression to those that come through its doors. You need your team, business partners and customers to feel comfortable in a clean office that accurately represents your company.

2. To ensure you meet Health and Safety standards

A dirty office space can pose as a health and safety risk to the employees who work there and those that visit. Bacteria can thrive in a dirty office, which can lead to staff becoming unwell. Keeping a clean office can help to reduce employee sick days and thus save a business money and increase efficiency.

3. To reduce hazards

Cluttered floor areas are trip hazards and can also be obstructions in a fire evacuation situation. It is imperative that walk ways, stairwells and fire exits are kept clear at all times. This could save lives in an emergency.

4. To help to increase productivity

A clean, tidy office and work environment can be less distracting and lead to a clearer mind and less stress, which therefore, can increase productivity and make for a much happier workforce.

5. To help to increase the life expectancy of floors and carpets

If floors and carpets are cleaned and cared for correctly, their lifespan can be increased. Regular hoovering and cleaning can help reduce staining and dirt wearing the floors. Increasing the lifespan of your hard and carpeted floors can save on time and costs in the longer term.

If you would like to find out more about how you can prolong the life of your floors, our friends at GTB Pro Clean are the ones to speak to…

The team at Chucks Away are experienced in office cleaning. With the use of Eco Friendly products, anti viral sprays, ATP Testing and our fogging capabilities, we can help to keep your office clean and safe.

Our bespoke service means that you can choose the frequency of the cleaning that we provide, to best suit your needs. 

If you would like to have a chat with us regarding your commercial cleaning requirements, please do get in touch.

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